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So, what is programming actually?

A Program is a set of instructions for a computer. Everything that computers do, however diverse and complex, ultimately comes down to following these instructions, that is, execution of a program. By writing programs, you actually tell the computer: do this, do that. If the program is correctly written, when it is executed, the computer will actually do what you told it to do. Writing a program for a computer is what we call programming.

To speak to a computer, we have to use special languages, which are called programming languages​​. One of these languages is Python. Here we will practice writing programs in Python.

Some programming skills do not depend on the programming language we use to write a computer program in. The aim of these lessons is to help you master those general skills, which some people call computational thinking. We will deal with Python’s special features (that are not present in other programming languages) only occasionally, when those features are necessary for understanding parts of a program being disscussed.