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Jupyter manual

Jupyter manual

Jupyter Manual

This is a Jupyter Manual, interactive workplace for executing Python code. We are relying on Jupyter as a support for a part of the obligatory course of Computer Science taught at the 8th year of elementary education in Serbia.

Each lecture is structured as a single Jupyter notebook. In the first lecture we recall some basic facts about Python and make an introduction to Jupyter. The remaining fifteen lectures are structured into five sets of three lectures (two of them introducing new material whereas the third one is a recapitulation).


Introductory lecture:

  • Lecture 1: Introduction to Jupyter

Visualizing sequences of data:

  • Lecture 2: Representing and displaying sequences of data
  • Lecture 3: Using colors
  • Lecture 4: Recapitulation

Elementary analyses of data:

Representing data as tables:

  • Lecture 8: Tables as DataFrames
  • Lecture 9: Indexing tables
  • Lecture 10: Recapitulation

Reading, writing and modifying tables:

  • Lecture 11: Reading tables from local files and remote resources
  • Lecture 12: Modifying tables and writing tables to files
  • Lecture 13: Recapitulation

Analyzing data organized in tables:

  • Lecture 14: Sorting, filtering and frequency analysis
  • Lecture 15: Jupyter VS Spreadsheets
  • Lecture 16: Recapitualtion