unLOOPing is Petlja’s winter program of programming lessons. It is intended for everyone who wants to discover what programming can do and for those who want to gather more knowledge, especially in the field of algorithmic programming. During the program, our participants follow online lectures, do programming tasks, and have mentor support. You can join the program at any time. During the winter, while the lectures are ongoing, you will be able to find a registration button on this page. The rest of the year, you are given access to all materials that are created during unLOOPing, and then you can follow the program at your own pace.

By clicking on the images below, a page will open for each cycle of unLOOPing. On it, you will find the mentioned materials. Come learn with us!

unLOOPing is a free online program that supports learning programming, which the Petlja Foundation implements as part of the project “Building the critical computer skills for the future ready workforce ”. This project is carried out by the United Nations Development Program in partnership with the Ministry of Education, with the support of the Government of the Republic of Serbia.